Years ago, I thought I would become a history professor. I received a Fulbright Fellowship in Munich. Then I discovered fiction writing — I could make stuff up, I realized, using history and research to serve the story. Now I write novels that often introduce a little-known aspect of historical events, mixing in overlooked crimes, true accounts, and neglected underdogs.

I've also written narrative nonfiction, short stories and screenplays. Along the way I've worked in marketing communications, publishing, and journalism, mostly as a writer and editor. Other jobs have included waiter, language instructor, and advertising copywriter. These days I often work as a literary translator of German to English and as a freelance editor.

I've spent time abroad, mostly in Europe, and have lived in Germany. One of my most mind-blowing memories was striking out into Eastern Europe with just a backpack when the Berlin Wall came down. I currently live in my hometown of Portland, Oregon with my wife René. I've loved soccer since I was a kid and follow Portland Timbers FC. 



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