Rain Down (Kindle Single)

A man with no name hits the streets of Portland, Oregon to find a friend gone missing, a mentor he has depended on too much.

Formerly homeless, he owes Oscar Alvarez everything. Oscar is also one of the most reliable workers and friends anyone could have, so when one day Oscar doesn’t turn up to catch a lift to work like he normally does, it's immediately clear that something is not right. 

As the days pass he takes it upon himself to find Oscar, convinced that his reliable friend was not the kind to just disappear. In his search for truth he dodges the cops, tries to save his drug-addicted ex, and discovers that a desperate condo developer and his wife have conspired to cover up a tragic crime. The grim journey teaches him how to survive all on his own again — and reclaim his name and place in a tough world ... 

Published by Endeavour Press in London, this Kindle Single e-book equals about 95 print pages and is available in a paperback version.    

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Double-Edged Sword (Kindle Single)

Double-Edged Sword tells the true story of a self-made double agent who bluffed his way into the most ambitious Allied deception operation of WWII.

In 1942, German military intelligence believed the Spaniard Juan Pujol Garcia was running a formidable spy network for them inside enemy Britain. In reality their man in London was making it all up, from Portugal.

Pujol had fooled the Germans all on his own after the British embassies in Madrid and Lisbon rejected his services repeatedly. But soon British intelligence would smuggle the dogged double agent to London and build up his subterfuge under the code name Garbo. In 1944, Pujol aka Garbo took the lead on an elaborate Allied deception campaign that fooled Hitler and his generals about the D-Day invasion — and surely saved thousands of lives. 

Double-Edged Sword focuses solely on the most crucial moments of an epic double cross that Pujol was so uniquely built to pull off. This bestselling Kindle Single e-book equals about 70 print pages in length. 

Sitting Ducks (Kindle Single)

Sitting Ducks pieces together the true story of an impossible and lesser-known WWII mission. In December 1944, during the bloody Battle of the Bulge, teams of German commandos disguised as American soldiers slipped behind the US front lines. Riding in captured US jeeps, they committed sabotage, sowed confusion and caused paranoia among American troops. Word quickly spread that the undercover commandos were out to kill US General Eisenhower.  

Popular legend has made the false flag operation out to be a skilled and menacing ploy with cunning German spies speaking American English. Their commander, propaganda hero SS Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny, seemed a mastermind. But the reality was much different, and all the more deadly. The planning and training were slapdash, the mission desperate, its chances slim to none.  

At an estimated print length of 49 pages, this bestselling Kindle Single e-book tells the actual history of the secret mission I fictionalized in The Losing Role.

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