Rain Down (Kindle Single) — Novella

A man with no name hits the streets of Portland, Oregon to find a friend gone missing, a mentor he has depended on too much.

Formerly homeless, he owes Oscar Alvarez everything. Oscar is also one of the most reliable workers and friends anyone could have, so when one day Oscar doesn’t turn up to catch a lift to work like he normally does, it's immediately clear that something is not right. 

As the days pass he takes it upon himself to find Oscar, convinced that his reliable friend was not the kind to just disappear. In his search for truth he dodges the cops, tries to save his drug-addicted ex, and discovers that a desperate condo developer and his wife have conspired to cover up a tragic crime. The grim journey teaches him how to survive all on his own again — and reclaim his name and place in a tough world ... 

Published by Endeavour Media in London, this Kindle Single e-book equals about 95 print pages and is available in a paperback version.  

Here is a thoughtful review from the Tzer Island blog .


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