For Historical Fiction and History Fans

Ghosts of war - France; sign of the times

I was researching where readers of solid historical fiction go online and discovered a few interesting sites for all history geeks. 

War Through the Generations lists novels set during any wartime period that involves the US, though it's not restricted to US topics. The Losing Role is there, for example. Includes review links, recommended reads and reading challenges. 

Historical Novels lists fiction by broader periods, such as Medieval Europe or 20th Century, and breaks it down further into themes such as "The Crusades" or "Europe Between the Wars." Includes reviews, authors and other handy resources and is run by a woman right here in my Portland. 

Going beyond reading, two amazing if not mind-blowing sites reinterpret the past in compelling ways. 

Then & Now, a photo set on Flicker, superimposes old photos on photos of locales in present day. It's haunting stuff. Ever been traveling and found yourself imaging a certain locale in the (often darker) past? This one's for you. Set mostly in Amsterdam, but the artist's always working up something new. 

How to Be a Retronaut re-introduces our perceptions of past and future (and future in the past) through, well, any means possible. The motto runs: "If the past is a foreign country, this is your passport." That begins to explain it. Especially good stuff for a writer looking to recharge his take on an era. 

Also, slightly off subject, I did an interview at The Indie View, where I talk about The Losing Role and misinterpreted history, among other things.