New Novel Coming May 19: The Other Oregon

The next novel is a new direction for me, and I can't be more excited about its release.

In The Other Oregon: A Thriller, an idealist from the city of Portland has to stop his estranged friend in rural Oregon from exposing a grim and damning secret from their past.

The official release is May 19. Pre-ordering is now available for the paperback version and the ebook and audiobook are coming soon. Find out more here, including pre-order links. 

A Goodreads Giveaway runs through May 13—or, see the book's Goodreads page

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Expect readings to come this summer, listed on the Events page once they're booked. 

The Other Oregon might be a new direction—and the last book for some time—but I'll still be writing books set in the chaos of mid-century Europe. The stories of Harry Kaspar from Liberated and his brother Max from The Losing Role will continue.