New Crime Noir Novella: Rain Down

Many of my books were finally published in the last two years, seemingly all at once. The truth is, these stories were years in coming after many revisions. Others won't make the cut and probably shouldn't.

The crime noir novella Rain Down always deserved a fair shot. So I'm happy to announce it just released as Rain Down (Kindle Single)

In Rain Down a nameless man, formerly homeless, goes back on the grim streets of Portland, Oregon to find his day laborer friend who's gone missing. More here

The story takes place in the Portland of 2009. I recently revised it and was surprised to see how much the city I know has changed in the last few years especially — many locations are long gone. But that's all part of the story, too. 

It's great to see this last one get released. Now it's time to get back to writing. 

Rain Down is published by Endeavour Media in London. It's currently available as a Kindle ebook in Amazon's Kindle Singles line and equals about 76 print pages in length. A print version will be out soon.