Spring '18 Update: New Novel Translation and More

It's been a while since I've announced any news, so I'd like to update you on another aspect of my work. As some of you know, I also translate novels. 

I want to tell you about my latest translation, releasing May 1. It’s titled The Air Raid Killer in English and is the first in a series from German author Frank Goldammer featuring detective Max Heller. The publisher is AmazonCrossing, who have been performing amazing feats to bring more foreign fiction to English (and vice versa). Here’s the official dope:

As World War II ends, a killer’s game begins.
In the final days of the Nazi regime, with the historic city of Dresden on the brink of destruction, terrifying rumors spread about the Fright Man, a demonic killer who exploited the cover of a nighttime air raid siren to mutilate and kill a young nurse. Just as seasoned detective Max Heller begins investigating, the Fright Man kills again…

The investigation seems hopeless. Desperate refugees flood the streets, all of Heller’s resources are depleted, and his new boss is a ruthless SS officer. And like so many others, Heller and his wife, Karin, survive on meager rations while fearing for the lives of their sons at the front. But as tensions mount and enemy firebombs decimate the city, dangerous new clues come to light—and the determined Heller pursues a violent and twisting path to unmask a monster.

One thing I really admire about Max Heller is that he will stop at nothing, even when starving, even when under threat of official persecution or worse. The next in the series, A Thousand Devils, comes out this fall. You can order The Air Raid Killer through most bookstores and the ebook on Amazon, here.  

I’m excited about my recent translations, including The Honest Spy by Andreas Kollender, which came out last fall.

You can always find out the latest about my translation work on my Translation page. 


A quick word about my own writing: I was happy to hear that I’ll have a new novel published in the spring of 2019. I can’t reveal much more since it’s early days and the contract’s barely signed. But I can say that it features a favorite character from one of my other novels, is set in 1948 on the Big Island of Hawaii, and deals with mysterious and controversial real-life exploits during the postwar period in the Pacific. More about this in a future newsletter.


Lastly, meet the newest members of my crack in-house editorial team:

Monty and Trina

Thanks for reading!


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