Liberated Reviewed in May Historical Novels Review

Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 is reviewed in the May 2015 issue of the Historical Novels Review published by the Historical Novel Society in print and online. Here's an excerpt:

"Anderson flavors Liberated with the kind of language found in other noir novels and films, emphasizing the genre with a brutal and unethical crime for Kaspar to resolve. The novel exposure of an under-represented historical period in American history suggests that some of the Occupation forces were not the good guys bringing democracy to the previously dictator state. If you like reading about World War II, you will enjoy reading about its immediate aftermath. If you like the noir novels and films of the mid-20th century, you will enjoy the prose and the femme fatale of Liberated."

Liberated A Novel of Germany 1945

The Historical Novels Review on Under False Flags: A Novel

Under False Flags appears in the February issue of the Historical Novels Review, published by the Historical Novel Society in print and online. Here's an excerpt:

"The author clearly brings forth the thoughts, fears, and hopes that run through a soldier’s mind. The dangers and horrors of being a soldier, a civilian living under occupation, or a resistance fighter are well-defined in this book. I liked how the GI narrative voice ... kept the realism alive."


Recent Reviews for The Losing Role

I feel like I'm neglecting my novel The Losing Role these days, what with all the new releases. So I wanted to pass along a couple recent reviews.

The Historical Novel Society recently reported that the book’s "pacing and dialogue are sharply turned ... Anderson skillfully portrays transformation in all of his characters." You can see the review here

A September review in Awesome Indies called the novel a "touching yet painful story ... [Max] is human in the face of hardship and chooses to continue living, but on his own terms." Find the review here.

And don't forget, readers: The Losing Role is the first book in a series that continues with Liberated: A Novel of Germany, out November 18 in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. The Losing Role introduces Max Kaspar, while Liberated tells the story of Max's estranged and Americanized brother Harry.

A Homegrown Review of Under False Flags

I was happy to see this review of Under False Flags from writer, editor, friend, and Oregon legend Matt Love, which he posted to Facebook ...

I recently read my friend Steve Anderson’s debut novel, Under False Flags, and want to offer a hearty recommendation, particular to those readers who love historical fiction. I finished it in practically one sitting and was moved by its grim reality and ending. It really isn’t like anything I’ve ever read about WW II.

The novel takes place in Europe after D-Day and features a weary American solider fighting his way east and a German sailor trying to survive dangerous missions in the attempt to sink allied shipping. These two men converge at the Battle of the Bulge and are given orders to basically impersonate the enemy behind enemy lines. Everything goes wrong on both sides and the men desert, meet, and somehow find common ground in their quest to survive and retain some of their humanity. In a sense, this is very much an anti-war novel, something you don’t typically get with WW II and “The Greatest Generation.” I found it refreshing and timely.

Steve has conducted an incredible amount of research for this book and examined this conflict from a new perspective. I know he’s waited a long time for this signature event in his life and I urge his friends, friends of Oregon authors, and Oregon bookstores to support him. The book is currently available at Powell’s and Steve hopes to get it in other local indies soon. A link to the Powell’s site is below and anyone interested contacting Steve can reach him through his web site or FB. 

Well done Steve.

Original FB post here.

Matt Love grew up in Oregon City. He's the publisher of Nestucca Spit Press and the author/editor of eleven books about Oregon.

I'm grateful for all the new reviews, from readers and reviewers alike.